Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Big Beautiful Day

Well, it was beautiful for obvious reasons when you look at the pictures. This was last Thursday, Feb. 17.  I could not believe how much snow melted, but on the same hand it was weird to be walking around in near 60 degree weather and still have so much snow… it realize you don't see much of it here but believe me, it was there. We were at North Park and in the areas that do not get as much sun, the ground was still white. 

During our walk around the lake, Aurora got to play on various play grounds on 3 separate occasions.  Even this was not enough for her.  

At 2pm, not previously having napped in the stroller at all like we intended, she still did not want to leave.  And she still did not fall asleep in the car!  I was shocked.  Only after a promise to play outside when she got up did she calm down to take a nap.  

It was a big day because Aurora went on the potty on her own.  I have been letting her run around without a diaper on for a 5-10 minutes once or twice a day.  I always remind her to tell me if she has to pee or poop.  Back in September she seemed very interested in going on the potty and we had a few successful moments.  For whatever reason, her interest wained and in the process of moving I let it go.  Over the past week while I let her "air out" for the most part, there are no accidents.  Once or twice floor has gotten we, and she immediately tells me.  Last Thursday in the middle of playing she calmly got up, stated she had to go potty, went into the bathroom, sat down on the pot and peed.  It was a great moment!  All of us, yes all of us, even Jacob, were excited. I thought maybe this meant there was a renewed interest and we would start again. 
Since then I have cleaned up a turd from the floor and her stockings…. I guess that is about as close as spring (in light of the 8 inches of snow last night).  But to her credit, tonight she announced she had to poop, sit down on the pot and make some special music about 5 minutes before I had to clean up her stockings.  I guess we should have made her sit longer. 

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