Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Shorts in January

I'm a cold person. Even when everyone else is ready to wear shorts and a t-shirt… I may need a sweatshirt still.  Not this past Sunday morning in Wilmington.  Jacob had said it was warm the previous morning so when he told me again on Sunday I figured it was "Jacob warm"  not "Molly warm."  But sure enough I walked outside and couldn't believe it.  I sat in the sun in jeans in a thin long sleeve t-shirt and quickly got hot.  I changed into shorts, a t-shirt and sweatshirt and as soon as the only cloud in the sky passed my sweatshirt was gone too. By 10:30 am I was sitting in a tank in shorts. We had a wonderful  morning just enjoying the sunshine.  This gorgeous weather made it even harder to leave that afternoon.
Aurora had a wonderful time just being outside.  Her clothing also disappeared as the morning went on. She started in a dress and stockings. Then her stockings came off, then her dress so she was just running around in her diaper and undershirt.  She was thrilled. Unfortunately our camera died and alas, we did not have our second battery so there are no pictures of this. But there are pictures from the great park by my dad and Jackie's from Saturday.  The weather was not quite as warm but still fantastic…


 My little climber. Yes, she climbed the whole way up herself.

Oh, and there are pictures from the beach Saturday evening as well. 

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