Sunday, February 20, 2011

Valentine's Day: Cookies Please, No Lobster

Valentines day brought more cookie fun for Aurora.  Mom had to bake cookies too.  I don't think Aurora minded doing this twice in one week.  I was not even going to take pictures but she just kept being so darn cute.  

I did not think it was possible but I think she was getting tired of making cookies.

Note the flour ALL OVER her face.  

My wonderful husband made dinner. Lobster, bacon wrapped fillet mignon, pasta with creamy tuna bacon mushroom sauce and asparagus.  At first Aurora would not go close to the lobster unless we were holding her but as the night progressed she got closer.  She even got the point where she would touch it, kind of…. only the rubber band holding it's claws. Absolutely no where else.

Aurora is a great eater. Normally, she will try anything, especially if we are eating it.  But she would not eat the lobster, and she likes fish.  Jacob denies it but I think it had to do with seeing the lobster alive before dinner.  

Oh, and here she is eating the cookies she made with grandma… this time cookie and frosting at the same time.

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