Monday, July 25, 2011

Too Long

It has been a long time. Too long. I am pretty disappointed in myself. As always, I kind of have an excuse but even I think it is pretty lame. First I'm pregnant and the first trimester, Jacob was in Little Rock for training.  I had my active two year old by myself and I was trying to get in a pretty big garden in before I left to join Jacob in Little Rock.
I would love to catch up on all the exciting things we have been up to but then I'd never get to what we are doing now so I'm just going to start right in.
My brothers were visiting this weekend. Friday night we got some more rain that our garden desperately needed so Aurora got to do one of her favorite activities, run in the rain.  After Jacob had enough of running in the rain, Uncle Everett kindly indulged Aurora… stipulating that he must have a rain coat…. therefore Aurora wanted a raincoat.
We are already wet, why not go in the pool!

When we are home on Friday nights we sometimes do movie night. No surprise, Aurora wanted to watch "Beauty and the Beast." This is pretty much all she ever wants to watch. Everett and Wesley were thrilled.  Although a bit disappointed because it delayed Everett from playing the Wii, they were both troopers.

Last weekend we went back up to Conneutville and Erie.  Aurora was thrilled to go swimming in gramma's pool.  She LOVES the water.  She does excellent with her swimmies on.  She doesn't need any help and doesn't really want it. The problem comes when we take off the swimmies.  She still does not want help. She just wants to swim on her own…. which she can't yet.  She gets very frustrated with us holding on to her that it gets to the point where we just have to let her go under a little so she understands that she needs our help.  This is also why we haven't joined a city pool. They require a lifejacket in most of the big pools but this totally prohibits her from being able to learn how to swim.  It throws her balance off and makes her back heavy.  But she loves the pool otherwise!

She loved this spiderman gear!

This past weekend we got together with some of my old high school friends. My friend Greg and Becky have a beautiful daughter, Isla, who is 6 months older than Aurora.  In the past I had noticed the age difference when they got together to play but now it seemed to have melted away.  By the end of the party these two were the only ones left around their age and they got some one on one play which was fantastic.  Isla has a very similar personality to Aurora, bossy, determined and likes to do what she wants.   This was the first time Aurora played one on one with someone as fierce as her.  What was even better was Becky and Greg had the same attitude as Jacob and I to let them go and duke it out. It was great for Aurora, I wish they lived closer so we could do this more often.  Unfortunately we didn't too many good pictures.  
Fighting over something

I got this bucket fair and square.

We're good, I swear.