Friday, January 28, 2011

50 and Sunny

 On a summer day 50 some degrees would be pretty disappointing but on January 28, it is pretty awesome.  Even better that the sun was shinning.  I love taking Aurora outside and not worrying about layers and cold and being cold myself.  We took a walk to look for the park this morning, which we couldn't find.  We later found out we just gave up about 100 yards too soon.  But after getting back to Papa and Grandma's house Aurora was completely content just running around the back yard.  Thrilled actually.  I was completely content watching here with the sun shining on my face.  

 I have to explain this. First, Jacob was totally against this, especially taking pictures of it.  We took the dogs with us for the walk this morning. Aurora liked holding the leash.  So when we were playing and she found the leash she wanted to wear it like the dogs.  I figured if it was in the backyard just for playing, there couldn't be too much harm in it.

 Then she wanted to walk Zoie again.  This pretty much resulted in Zoie not moving, the leash getting tangled and Zoie pulling Aurora.  
Other random things of the day:  My grandma DiFucci  is here visiting my dad as well.  Her and I spent the evening playing Parcheese by ourselves after everyone else was in bed or too tired. It was so nice to spend some one on one time with her and somehow it was even better that we were doing something so classic.  
Lastly, I have again misplaced my engagement and wedding rings… I do this frequently but it freaks me out even more that it is in someone else's house. 

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Who Am I?

I often ask myself this question….  I am loving being a stay at home mom more than I thought I would. I thought I would miss the career I thought I wanted but never really had.  I realize God knew what he was doing after all and this being a mother is really the most important job for me. I cherish every day with Aurora.  Although some days I long for a break, I find myself missing something after a few hours without her.
I do help out with the family finances by managing our rental properties but I am wishing to do something more…. while staying at home with Aurora of course.
I am a purist, basic type of person.  I love to cook and bake.  I try to keep it homemade, healthy and natural.  I am trying to get back to a regular exercise schedule with I enjoy for stress relief and so I can enjoy food more.  I love shopping, especially bargain hunting.  I keep my faith close to my heart.  I love reading, especially historical fiction.  Gardening is great too.  There is something very therapeutic about weeding to me.
Homemade in Heels… well I like to keep things homemade; our food and our fun a lot of times too.  I really want to be a good mother and for me, to be a good mother, I need to feel good.  I feel better when I am confident and I am confident when I feel put together.   And I believe I do all things better when I achieve this balance. So I may not be making a homemade dinner, playing play dough or going to the zoo in heels but it speaks to the need for balance between mommyhood and self.  And I do love to break out the heals for the occasional personal time.