Saturday, January 7, 2012

Christmas From 3 to 4

We are a family of four.  There is something funny about it.  Jacob always considered us a family, even when it was just the two of us.  When Aurora made 3, it definitely felt more like a family.  We definitely considered ourselves a family and felt more like adults than we thought like we actually were.
But Max somehow makes it even more solidified now for us.  It is hard to describe… as we grow as a family, somehow we are more of a family. More love, more work, more stress, more fun… more of the good and hard but better.
I say more stress lightly now because Max is such a great baby.  The most stressful thing Max does is poop a lot.  Seriously a lot.  But other than that thus far he pretty much eats and sleeps.  When he is awake, unless he is actually hungry he is happy.
Aurora is doing wonderful. She spent most of the first day in the hospital with us and when given the choice in the evening to stay longer with mom and Max or go to dance class, she seemed torn. Dance class won but that is understandable.  Unfortunately that night she started the stomach virus that we all passed around eventually.

She is doing great with Max. She always wants to be around him and "help."  Her version of help and my version of help are two different things but she has good intentions.  The only way I noticed her reacting with any jealously was the first couple of days she became daddy's girl as I was constantly feeding, changing and tending to Max.  She became even more of daddy's girl than usual.  The stomach virus catching up with me on Christmas Eve night/Day did not help either.  I got out of bed to watch her open gifts and other than that and feeding Max, I was pretty much sleeping the rest of the day.  Max had got it too so he didn't mind sleeping with me. This is most of what my Christmas day was.  

Aurora resting up after a long couple of days. 

She did not want to hold Max for a while but finally she felt up to it. Awesome hair, I know.

Christmas Eve we spent with Jacob's cousins in Pittsburgh. I really appreciated being able to share Christmas Eve with family and be able to go home to our house. This was the first year that we were in the U.S. and didn't go to Erie/Girard/Conneautville for Christmas Eve and Christmas. Between having a 4 day old baby and wanting to spend Christmas morning in our own house, we decided it was a good year to start spending Christmas at our own home.  And although I was really looking forward to this, I was missing spending time with extended family so having family here in Pittsburgh to spend Christmas Eve with was great. This was great for Aurora too, she got to spend the night with her cousins and enjoy a visit from Santa.
Trying to spy Santa arriving.

Waiting for Santa

We let her open a few presents not from Santa on Christmas Eve. 

And we can finally go to bed.