Monday, August 16, 2010

Quick Lemon Basil Spinach and Chicken

I love this meal because it only requires two pots, the less the better.  It does not require too much cutting or chopping. If you don't have fresh basil or garlic just use dried. It would also be very easy to substitute the vegetables, broccoli, any squash... pretty versatile.
The problem with meals I throw together is I never measure, I just start throwing things in a pot. This is a good quick meal with hardly any cutting or prep.
Frozen Chicken
Frozen Spinach
Olive Oil
Whole Wheat Pasta

I threw frozen chicken and a package of frozen spinach in a pot with a little water in the bottom to defrost and steam them. I thew some salt and dried lemon peel over both to add some flavor while they were cooking. While those were cooking I cut up two small zucchinis.  When the spinach was defrosted and the chicken mostly cooked I thew in the zucchini with some olive oil.  I started to boil the noodles. Then I put some lemon juice, lemon peel, a bit more salt, just a bit of butter, chopped garlic and fresh basil in the pot with chicken.  I kept a lid on the whole time to keep it moist.
I served with some grated Italian cheese.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

A Sunny Day for a Gray Day

I had planned on doing more this weekend but we ended up sticking around here. It was Saturday morning but it warmed up in the afternoon and we went down Biebrich.  You can walk along the Rhine and there is a nice park with paths behind the castle.  Most importantly, there is also a playground.  We managed to get Aurora to keep her sunglasses on a for a little while.  Of course she loved the playground.

The castle is in the middle in the back there.... I swear

Today was a really crappy day unfortunately.  It was miserably gray and rainy all day.  We stay inside but Aurora managed to make the best of it with capes and books.