Thursday, February 10, 2011

Super Bowl Week

Aurora enjoys "helping" fold the laundry.  "Helping" includes throwing everything out of the laundry basket or just dumping it and picking up and "refolding" laundry I already have folded.  Another great activity is seeing how many items she can put on at once.  Here she has her outfit from the day which included stockings, a skirt, an undershirt and a long sleeve shirt.  She proceeded to add my running shorts and my Steelers jersey.  This is minimal compared to some days.

Here we started our Steelers cookies.  Aurora enjoys helping with anything and everything, especially when it involves things she can eat….  especially cookie dough we found out. 

The final product. Yes, Aurora did all the ;)

Jacob had been growing a pretty good beard.  He tried to talk me into condoning his child molester mustache for a while.  I was scared he was going to keep it but I secretly think he knows how creepy it is so he did shave it. 

Did you hear that commercial on the radio a few months ago for Giant Eagles' food perks/fuel perks.   It went something like what do you buy when you have 20% worth of food perks and the woman lists a ton of food to feed her teenage boys.  Well, we buy $258 worth of dried beans.  And they were on sale that week.  Yes, you do get to use the perks on up to $300 worth of groceries.  No, that $42 did not go to waste, I bought normal groceries to bring me up to the $300. 

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  1. Ah, reading this brings back memories from the last time the Steelers were in the Superbowl and Aurora was still in your tummy. I had no idea how fired up a very pregnant lady could get! I'm so glad you now have a blog and are joining in on all the fun. We don't update ours nearly enough, but as you said, it's a great way to journal/scrapbook/document life. We miss y'all terribly and please tell Aurora and Jacob "hi" from me!