Saturday, February 19, 2011

Valentine's Week Activities

We were up north a few days the week before Valentine's Day.  Aurora enjoyed seeing grandparents.  We gained appreciation for the little amount of snow Pittsburgh had compared to Conneautville and Erie.  

Aurora's perch for bird watching

Aurora enjoyed making cookies with grandma.  This is a fun task regardless but probably more fun because she got away with eating more cookies and licking frosting than she would have with mom.  

I think she is trying to shove sprinkles in her mouth.  Obviously she was successful eating icing.  

Aurora also greatly appreciated mother natures gracious gift of beautiful weather.  Every time she has seen her tricycle in the basement she has asked to go outside. Up until Sunday it has been below freezing for a long time.  

The day could not have gotten much better for Aurora, but then Aunt Sarah made a surprise visit.  

Aunt Sarah, what is that? 

Tree bark.

Can we put it back on the tree? 

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