Thursday, March 3, 2011

Frustrating Awesome Day

I took Aurora to play group this morning (I originally started writing this last Thursday). Meeting for this play group through the Catholic mom's group forces me to drive new places, generally on the other side of the city from me.  Although I am not a fan, I know it is good for me and it is much less stressful with T (our TomTom). Also, I get some socializing time in between chasing her around making sure she is not abusing other kids.   For a long time now we have been working on not allowing her to take toys from other kids.  She always gets corrected, told that she cannot take something when someone else is already playing with it, she gives it back and says sorry.  This is really starting to get old, I'm ready for her to be a perfectly polite child.  I know someday she will wait her turn and share without being asked, some day all the correcting will pay off just like the endless counting to 10 did.
Also, I was still shaking in anger when I got home.  I was driving down 65 when all of a sudden a fast food paper bag comes flying out of the car in front of me.  This did not seem accidental at all. Litter is one of my super pet peeves.  Honestly, I can't believe people still do this.  The person is driving kind of slow for me anyway (and in the left lane) so I pull up next to the car and the window is still down and the girl sitting there is clearly rooting around the car looking for more trash.  I say "the highway is not your trash can" and I don't speed up or slow down I just kind of wait but she does not say anything she just kind of sits there.  I don't speed off or anything but like I said, they were driving kind of slow so I start going my normal speed and get ahead of them.  Shortly I slow down to take my turn and don't you know as they pass me the girl is yelling and swearing at me.  Seriously, not only is littering one of my pet peeves, selfish and inconsiderate, but it is illegal and this girl is going to swear at me!
Well I started this post so long ago I don't quite remember what made it awesome but I have a feeling it had something to do with Aurora's bowl movements or the weather. I think it may have been the start of Aurora telling us when she had to go potty. More on that next….

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