Wednesday, March 30, 2011

We've had enough Sap for one year

We had another exciting week of sap making (about 1.5 weeks ago now).  Jacob's buckets were overflowing.  Also in this process, I discovered my numbers last time I wrote about this were slightly off.  We had 70 gallons total before reduction last time.  This time he has about 160.  At one point once again the weather turned nasty and this time, Jacob's makeshift sugarshack did take a beating that brought it down but he fixed it. Another frustration was that he let one pot go too long and it burned out.  This is quite messy.  Hard, dried sugar all over the pot and stove.  In this case, the pot and stove are worse for the wear.  The process took longer than expected, we were done Sunday afternoon but had originally planned to be done Saturday afternoon.  But all in all, everything turned out great.  Still, Jacob had had enough syrup reduction for the year so he pulled all his taps.  Total we have over 6 gallons of syrup.  We can't use this much in a year… or two so we are selling it if you are interested in some all natural, home brewed syrup.  It is a very dark syrup and although probably a littler thinner than commercial syrups, it tastes great.

At this point Jacob is running the syrup through cheese cloth to filter any particles out.

Oh yeah, we made cookies last week too.

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