Tuesday, November 1, 2011


I was pretty disappointed in myself while downloading hundreds, literally hundreds of photos from one of our cameras.  The other I didn't even get too. I can't believe I let this summer and majority of fall slip by with out documenting my daughters cuteness… and my belly which does seem impressively large.  Also, I'm upset I haven't shared some pretty kick butt recipes I've tried.  
I'm hoping that with shorter days, colder temperatures and gardening and harvesting (almost) over I'll stay up to date. I mean it is not like we have a whole upstairs to redo before Max MacGyver is scheduled to arrive in 8 weeks.  

Dance class has been exciting and stressful. Aurora learned she absolutely loves dance class and we have learned that she is not the prefect little angel we liked to believe she was. Turns out she has a hard time following directions, waiting her turn and keeping her hands (head and legs) to herself sometimes.  I have kept her involved socially with things like story and activity time at the library, play groups, swim class but I'm there for all them. We knew she was ready for an activity without me by her side but we didn't know how challenging it would be for all of us.  It has been 2 months of an hour once a week of ballet, tumbling and tap.  The first few weeks I thought it was just an adjustment period but it didn't get too much better after 3 weeks then Jacob had the opportunity to start coming and he was worried we were horrible parents.  So the next few weeks were filled with what to do and what not to do conversations before dance class and Aurora screaming like we had just beat her post dance class when we would not let her have the sucker they hand out after every class.  Risking jinxing all progress that has been made… the last couple weeks have been better.  The extent of not keeping hands (thankfully just hands) to herself is when she is trying to grab another girls hands to get her to dance with her. And the following the teacher (who is great) is getting better too.  These pictures are from last week when they had a Halloween party.

Look how well she is listening!

Attempting the wheelbarrow. 

Sitting on the bench waiting her turn!

Practicing tapping
Happy Halloween! Here is the cutest witch.

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