Thursday, August 18, 2011

Gramma Predis is 88!

At the end of July we had a surprise birthday party for Jacob's gramma. She was a bit confused at first because her birthday was in June and she was told she was coming to our house for dinner.  At first when she got there she just thought we invited her to a picnic but after a couple explanations, a birthday crown and cards, she got he picture.  And we think she loved it. It was so good to see her enjoying everyone's company.  She did the polka with her son, she was much better than he was.  She took pictures with everyone and held babies.  We really wanted to make sure she knew how much she was loved.  Erin put in a lot of work planning and Claudia and Aunt Lousie did a lot of cooking.  Thanks to everyone who helped!
That morning, after being told she was coming to our house, she told Erin she didn't really want to go anywhere that day. She just wanted to have a day at home. Erin said, "Too bad, you have to come." I think in the end she was okay with it.
Okay, here is a lot of pictures….
Slightly confused because there are so many people and they are all saying Happy Birthday to her.
Her birthday was back in June and it is the end of July after all. 

Erin explaining that the party is for her. 

Somewhat realizing what is going on

Her one request was to Polka with her son

Who would have guessed she is 88?!?!

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